SUMMARY: HELP PLEASE - System won't boot after ADMINTOOL usage.

From: Paul Adair <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 00:54:38 EDT
Thanks to everyone that responded.  Here is what I concluded.
Somehow the "admintool" changed one of the eeprom settings.

the "ttya-ignore-cd" was see to false.  The default value is true.

"ok setenv ttya-ignore-cd true"
After 4 days of mucking around this lcommand (above) at the 'ok' prompt
fixed it up

Thanks again, Paul.

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From: Paul Adair
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Sent: Friday, September 21, 2001 12:04 AM
Subject: HELP PLEASE - System won't boot after ADMINTOOL usage.

My system(E250, Solaris 8) will no longer boot without a keyboard plugged
into the back.  The only way to get the system to boot now is to have the
keyboard plugged in.  Problem with that is it makes the console (through
hyperterminal) useless if you wish to use the console remotely.

I think the problem was created when I went into admintool and hit "ok" by
accident instead of "cancel" when I was looking at a few options.  I have
tried just about every combination of settings for ttya but the system
always seems to freeze right after processing the /etc/system file.  The
reason I know this is because I get the 3 standard "warning" messages that
come up from the "forceload" commands DiskSuite places in the /etc/system

If anyone knows what is required to make a system boot WITHOUT a keyboard
plugged and to have the system accept keyboard and video from ttya as the
console please message me as soon as possible.

Thanks, Paul.

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