Summary: The top command for I/O

From: Vinarsky, Boris <>
Date: Tue Sep 25 2001 - 15:24:08 EDT
The original question was:

Does anybody know an OS utility, freeware, or commercial product that will
list the PIDs of the top IO processes, like the top command displays
information about the top cpu processes?

Jeffrey G. Wimmer suggested to use proctool at
Interesting enough, I did not find proctool there. I downloaded it from
This tool really provides I/O load for each process.

Paul Frederiksen suggested to use Glance from HP. Indeed, there is a Solaris
version for Glance as HP indicated on their web site. However, there is no
trial version one can download. I did not try Glance, although there is a
chance it provides the I/O per process too.

Darren Dunham suggested how to develop a tool based on the toolkit described
in "Sun Performance and Tuning" by Adrian Cockcroft.

The rest of suggestions were to use commands top, mpstat, prstat,
/usr/ucb/ps -aux. Unfortunately this does not address the original question.

Thank you everybody for the answers and advices.

Boris Vinarsky

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