Partial Summary: How to convert regular sun client to a DHCP client

From: Tony Tran <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 20:13:46 EDT
Thanks to many people on the net (too numerous to mention) that all you
have to do is:

#touch /etc/dhcp.interface (ie /etc/dhcp.le0),
#cp /etc/null /etc/hostname.le0, 
#rm /etc/defaultrouter and 

The system came up OK as a DHCP client, *but* unfortunately it identified
itself as "unknown".

I did manage to copy a little script from:

and place it in /etc/rc2.d (and link to /etc/init.d) so that when the
system boots up, it sets its name according to the name in /etc/nodename

I also added "wait 300" in /etc/dhcp.le0 as recommended in the webpage

While the system came up as the desired hostname, for some reason, it
still assigns its name to the /etc/hosts file as "unknown" therefore
breaking a number of scripts.

The weird thing is when it reboot, it complains as follows:
Starting DHCP on primary interface le0
le0: no carrier - cable disconnectted or hub link test disabled ??
(my test system is a SS4 running 2.8 07/01 with only 1 le0 interface)

and then it automatically assigns my new DHCP client as "unknown"
even though le0 works later. (le0 interface is fine) 

Since I have a bunch of Sun clients I am going to convert to DHCP clients,
a bunch of "unknown" hostnames is unacceptable on my new DHCP net
I also found out that it doesn't pick up DNS from the DHCP server
Ideally I would like the hostname and the DNS automatically assigned from
the DHCP server but this was not the case. (it worked great on my test NT 

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