SUMMARY: what is esp0

From: Feng Qiu <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 13:20:17 EDT
Hello, all,
There are many responses, it is too many to list. Thanks.
I fixed problem by a non-smart way before I get responses. Because I guess
there some set in BOP cause it, I simply at ok prompt: "set-defults" and
The smart way is as every response said: at the ok prompt set
scsi-initiator-id to 7.


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> Hello, all,
> I just acquire a ss10. It is boot up fine from disk ID3. But before it
> boot up, it give a message:
> esp0: initiator SCSI ID now 6.
> Use probe-scsi-all showed disk is target3.
> If I connect an external CDROM which is target 6, then probe-scsi-all
> will give all nonsense. The system will not boot. I guess that it must
> something to do with that message.
> What is the problem?
> Thanks.

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