SUMMARY quotas and /var/mail

From: Shane Hickey <>
Date: Mon Sep 24 2001 - 12:32:38 EDT
First off, thanks for the deluge of helpfull e-mail.  I was stunned with the 
response I got from my first post to this group.

As a refresher, I wanted to setup quotas on user's mail.

1) I needed a mail delivery agent that respected quotas.  Apparently 
mail.local does not.  I went with procmail.
2) I wasn't running 'quotacheck' after creating a new quota for an existing 
user (so it wasn't checking the files already in /var to see who owned them). 
 In my case, I just did a 'quotacheck /var' (my /var/mail isn't it's own 
3) I needed to configure my pop daemon to put the temp .pop files in another 
filesystem.  Otherwise, my user's couldn't retrieve their mail if the 
combination of the .pop file and their mail spool put them over their hard 
quota.  I am using qpopper and apparently you can configure it to do this by 
./configure  --enable-temp-drop-dir=/somedir

That was pretty much it.  I did learn, however, than user's are only warned 
if they are over their soft quota upon login.  Since, my user's never 
actually log onto the box, I am writing a script that does a 'repquota' and 
then mails generic letter explaining the situation.

Again, thanks much!

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