Summary: Ultra 5 Harddisk Question

From: Andrew Yauhwa Wu <>
Date: Sun Sep 23 2001 - 23:27:37 EDT
I received a lot of responses to my question, thank you so much.

I didn't get an answer about if there is limit set in Solaris or Ultra 5 hardware for what IDE 
drives are compatible. 

A few people pointed me to Solaris FAQ at

where it states the following:

Solaris 8 and earlier do not support IDE disks > 32 GB. The disk size is truncated to "real size
module 32GB" in that case. I.e., a 40GB or 72GB disk becomes a 8GB one, a 33GB or 65GB disk
becomes 1GB, etc. 

The Solaris releases that support IDE disks upto 8GB will truncate larger disks to 8GB. To use 
such disks to the max after upgrading to a later release of Solaris/SPARC requires zeroing the
disk label with dd before relabeling it. 

Solaris 7/SPARC and later support IDE disks upto 32GB in size. 

However I found that I could use an IBM DeskStar 60GXP 40GB drive in my Ultra 5 with either 
Solaris 7 or 8 with full disk capacity recognized by the system. There are other replies to me 
saying the same 32GB limitation, but I can't find out why is that.

Also I received a few recommendations about drives that people tried and worked in their 

   - Seagate ST330620A
   - Seagate baracuda ATA II ST320420A
   - IBM 75GXP
   - Western Degital WD200BB
   - IBM DeskStar 60GXP IC35L040AVER07 (I bought this one)


Andrew Wu.

>I'm thinking of replacing the 8GB disk (ST38410A) in my Ultra 5 with a third party drive. I 
>appreciate very much if anyone can advise or give me a pointer on how to choose a compatible 
>for this upgrade purpose. I'm considering capacity between 20GB to 40GB. I haven't been able to 
>locate any information like this from Sunsolve or other source.
>Andrew Wu.
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