SUMMARY : DLT 8000 - Autoloader

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Date: Thu Sep 20 2001 - 15:57:03 EDT
Thanks for all.
I receive some sugestions. I am thinking about them and maybe I try to use
stctl that is free.

"There's a thing called stctl which will do the job otherwise use
options like Legato, Veritas Netbackup etc.

You can get it from

Joe Fletcher"

"To get the _most_ benefit out of your software, I would suggest a backup
program.  My recommendation is Legato Networker.  (

Matt M. Morris

"Depends on your backup software, I suppose. If you use HP OmniBack, you've
got the 'uma' command, if you're using NetWorker I'm quite sure you've got
command to do it as well, although I seem to have forgotten the name
('nsrjb' maybe?).

Maybe see if you can find the 'mc' command for Solaris somewhere. It exists
on HP-UX and possibly others and is a command-line tool to manage tape
libaries and autoloaders (a bit like an extension of 'mt').

Thorfinn Rasmussen
Unix Systems Administrator
Standard Bank London Limited"

"I think for that you need to have legato backup or veritas netbackup
Normal solaris doesn't have drivers for tape libraries.

"You don't say what model this is, but what a lot of people do is put
the library in "dumb stacker" mode, and just step through tapes one at
a time with 'mt -f /dev/rmt/xxn offline'.  This is very simple, and
works well for unattended backups.

> Which ufsdump parameters are the best to obtain the best performance from
> this tape unit ?

Nothing fancy, just

    % ufsdump 0ubf 126 /dev/rmt/xxn

works just fine.

Jay Lessert                     
Accelerant Networks Inc.
Beaverton OR, USA                 "

Reinaldo Lus Ono
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