SUMMARY: How to add new hard drives to StorEdge A1000

From: Vlad <>
Date: Wed Sep 19 2001 - 14:44:41 EDT
The Answer is simple -- just plug in new drives and use Raid Manager to
configure new drive group.  Make sure that your system supports more than 8

Thanks to: Tony Walsh, David Glass, Pankaj Anand

Original Posting:
I have StorEdge A1000 connected to E450 ( Raid Manager 6.1) populated  with
7 9gb drives, configured with 8 Lun's (RAID 5). I want to fill the rest of
available slots with new hard drives.
My goal is to expand capacity of my A1000 unit without touching existing
What would be the proper procedure?
Thanks in advance for any help, I've gone through the Raid Manager docs, but
couldn't find that particular scenario.


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