SUMMARY : DLT gone bad?

From: Sue Thielen <>
Date: Tue Sep 18 2001 - 13:10:33 EDT
Well.. I did power cycle the DLT in the L280. And the messages went away
for about an hour. I wound up getting the drive replaced, and replacing a 
couple tapes that had been frozen. After a bit of mucking around trying to
get support from Veritas, I did manage to get things working. Seems that
the latest patch stomps on the st.conf file as well.. 

Thanks for the tips


Original Post

I've been having trauma with my DLT running netbackup...

Here's the nasty messages... 

p  7 17:02:26 wolf tsdd[675]: TSD(0) [216] test_ready failed
Sep  7 17:02:26 wolf tsdd[675]: TSD(0) [216] Sense Key:  Hardware Error
Sep  7 17:02:26 wolf tsdd[675]: TSD(0) [216] ASC 0x40, ASCQ 0x80
Sep  7 17:02:26 wolf tsdd[216]: TSD(0) unavailable: initialization failed:
Robot busy, cannot perform operation

I guess I need to reboot the Robotic drive.. only it's at a datacenter..
Anyway I can diagnose
this remotely?? Or should I get Sun hardware support to check it out?

Other details.. Just put in the latest netbackup patch . The machine is a
Sparc 20 running Solaris 7.


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