SUMMARY: [Q] SUN L9 (DLT8000) run very slowwwww ....

From: L <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 15:53:32 EDT
Thank you for the answer.  Couple of people point me to the "tar" block
size and it is correct.  I do following test:

 test1:  ufsdump 0uf ...

 test2:  tar cvf  /dev/rst31 XXXX

 test3:  tar cvfb /dev/rst31 64 XXXX   <== 32K block size

test1:  55 min

test2:  3 hour 20 min

test3:  55 min

My original post:

> We have SUN 280R (Solaris 8) with external SUN L9 tape library
> (DLT8000).  i found the tape driver run very slow.  Our nightly ORACLE
> backup (use "tar" utility, few files, but big size) total 20GB.  It take
> almost 4 hours to finish.  Base on DLT8000 document, the speed should
> 6Mb/12Mb per second.  That mean even on 6Mb/sec, a hour DLT8000 can
> 20GB.  Can anyone tell me what wrong it is?
> Thanks. 

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