SUMMARY: Forking

From: Powers, William <William.Powers_at_GD-ES.COM>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 11:27:35 EDT
For some reason this was not passed on by the webmaster, so I am resending

My thanks to the following for their quick response and input to my forking

harryxu41: it in 
the background, you can add this to your .cshrc:
    xterm &

Mike Karl:
you can run the script in another window from that user's .login file via:
	/usr/openwin/bin/xterm -e "script_name" &

Valerly Glinskiy:
/usr/dt/bin/dtterm -e <program> 
xterm has similar option

Larye Parkins:
You can start a background job with the '&' command line suffix, and use
dtterm to start a separate window: 
dtterm -name "My Other Program" -e otherprogram & 
Dave Baker:
Perhaps 'screen' (it's a gnu tool) can do this for you?  It allows
terminal based programs to run in the background and be
detached/reattached from an active tty as required.
Michael Schulte:
you might try:
      xterm -e <program_name> <program_args>

All were good, most similar, but the user and I agree on Valerly's input
placing it in a .login script.

Others also replied, but after my initial summary.  Their answers were very
much the same as above and included that forking was not a shell command but
used in programming.

				Thanks very much to all, I appreciate the


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