SUMMARY: Configure multiple network interface within same subnet

From: Kunnachaar Koothattukulam <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 10:01:54 EDT
SUMMARY: Configure multiple network interface within
same subnet-

Thanks for all the answers. Here is the summary.

The IEEE ethernet standards state that the Media
Access Code (mac)
is assigned per node, and Sun writes its drivers per
the standard.
If your run 'ifconfig -a' as root, you will see that
all NIC's have
the same ethernet address.

Having multiple interfaces from the same host with the
same ethernet
address on the same network can confuse the other
equipment on the

Anyway, depending on the requirement, the following
steps can be
used to get both the interfaces worked.

You have to issue the following commands from the OBP
before you
boot the system
OK> setenv local-mac-address? true
OK> reset-all
You could also make this change by issuing the
following commands
from the OS before rebooting.

#eeprom local-mac-address?=true

This will ensure that each NIC has a unique mac
address as opposed
to the default configuration where the mac address is
selected from
the IDPROM and is therefore the same for each NIC on
the system 
which also means that the same machine can not have
two NICs on 
the same subnet without making the above change.

Kunnachaar Koothattukulam wrote:
> I have a question regarding configuration of
> interfaces.
> System : E6500
> OS       : Solaris8
> Question : Machine has two network cards : hme0 and
> hme1
> I want to assign IP to hme0
>          and to hme1  ( See both
> are in the same net).
> I did configured it but only one card is working at
> the same time.
> If I assign different subnet adresses, both of it
> working fine.
> I check sunmanager's FAQ and it has been mentioned
> that ifconfig command can be
> used to alter ethernet addresses. So how do I select
> different ethernet address for
> the second card ?
> Awaiting your reply,
> - Prasad

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