SUMMARY:Server stopping at ok prompt

From: <>
Date: Mon Sep 17 2001 - 11:09:59 EDT
Thanks to all who responded!

We recently recieved a SUN E250 Server with Solaris 2.6 installed. I need
to know the location which I need to edit so the Server does not stop at
the OK prompt and will continue to boot when you power on. Currently, I
need to type boot. When running init 6 it shuts down and comes all the way
up per the init6 start up script. I have searched various startup scripts
and did some research to no avail.

The solution is:
As root, run 'eeprom' and check for:


to correct, you can make the change either in the open boot or at the
command line.

root#  eeprom auto-boot?=true

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