SUMMARY: NIC on SPARC does not work

From: the sunlover2 <>
Date: Sun Sep 16 2001 - 20:28:59 EDT

The problem is that SunScreen (firewall) is set on this system. Disabling 
SunScreen services in /etc/rc2.d won't make le0 work (don't know exactly why 
yet. 'Plumb SunScreen on le0' message shows in the early stage of boot). 
Certain policy rule must be changed in order to let ping/telnet work.

Using snoop on the interface is a good way to test if it communicates with 
systems on the same LAN.

'That number from ifconfig is the numeric representation of the flags. That 
is just the octal value of your flags.'

Thank List:
Casper Dik (The author of Solaris FAQ?)
Ric Anderson
Sean Quaint
Jeff Woolsey
Kent Perrier
Osama Ahmed
gabriel rosenkoetter
Tim Hogan


Alex C.
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