SUMMARY: tekram dc390 (ultra-scsi) on ultra 5 s8?

From: Gerard Henry <>
Date: Fri Sep 14 2001 - 12:40:38 EDT

few responses, and no solution.

Thanks to Matthew R. Briggs, Frederic Piard.
Suggest  Antares card, yes but i want to use my tekram...
I think it's because my tekram is a 390 and not 390u!

Here is my original question:
"try to install my tekram card dc390 on my ultra 5. On tekram ftp site,
there is driver
for solaris 8 on intel but nothing for sparc. It seems that glm driver
is the good driver, but
it wasn't loaded on my sparc. 
Is it possible to install this card on sparc u5 or blade 100?"

Gerard HENRY
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