SUMMARY: Install of Solaris 8

From: Wimmer, Jeffrey <>
Date: Tue Sep 11 2001 - 16:36:10 EDT
Thanks to the following folks for hitting the nail right on the head:

David Foster:      
Sergey Katalichenka:

additional help from Joseph Herpers at Softtech Solutions

Here's the original question:

>I have installed Solaris 8 on an Ultra 60 that originally had Solaris 2.6
on it.  
>I chose to do a new install rather than an upgrade 
>for reasons I won't go into here.  After doing all the install to include
>books, etc, and a reboot, it now asks for the processor speed for the
> Enterprise system.  I am on an Ultra 60, not an A-10000, and the speeds 
>presented are not speeds on my listing.  I am offered the choice of 250MHz,

>336MHz, 400MHz, or "other".  I have 2ea 296MHz processors in this Ultra 60.

>Does anyone have any idea why it thinks this is an A-10000 Eterprise box
>f an Ultra 60 and what are my options at this point?  I can't make a choice
>he proper ones aren't an option.

> will summarize....thanks

The problem was the SSP package from the Systems Supplement CD was loaded by
accident.  Both David and Sergey were correct.

Sergey had this to say, and he was exactly right
During Solaris 8 installation you have chosen options which are not valid
for you platform:

*Computer Systems supplement CD: remove packages for:
                        1. Alternate Pathing
                        2. CDRW
                        3. RSC
                        4. ShowME TV
                        5. SunATM
                        6. SunFDDI PCI
                        7. SunFDDI SBus
                        8. Sun GigabitEthernet
                        9. SunHSI PCI
                        10.SunHSI SBus
                        11.Sun Hardware AnswerBook
                        13.Capacity on Demand
                        14.Netra ct Platform
                        15.Netra Lights out Power Management
                        16.Netra t11xx Alarms

This is the list I remove every time I use 10-60 platforms. To be more
specific, SSP is the package giving you trouble.

And David Foster said this:
This is because you installed some packages specific to the
A10000. For now you can just answer anything you like, to
get the system up. You'll need to figure out which packages
these are (sorry, I don't remember from when this happened
to me).

Dave Foster

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