SUMMARY : shell script for performance testing

From: Maccy <>
Date: Wed Sep 12 2001 - 15:37:45 EDT
Hi all,

Great response to this......
I am indebted to the following (thanks very much guys) :-

Joe Fletcher
Kurt Werth
Bertrand Hutin
Ray McCaffity
Carsten B Knutsen
David Glass
Amindra Mahto
Olivier Masse
Dave Baker
Mike Kiernan
Johan Hartzenberg
Tim Chipman
John Leadeham
Jay Lessert

Suggestions included :-

(I went for this one).

Try this one that should be able to run unmodified on anything with a
Bourne-like shell:

while : ; do : ; done

Other suggestions and relevant websites :-

gzipping a large file and loop it

while true; do
wc -c /dev/mem  &
wc -c /dev/mem  &
wc -c /dev/mem  &
wc -c /dev/mem  &
sleep 10 &

while true
      ls -al

while true
ksh -c "sleep 1" &

while [ x = x ] ; do x=1; done

Thanks again all
Best wishes

Mark Mahabir

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