Summary: Disk Suite Problem

From: sudhir sama (
Date: Fri Dec 29 2000 - 19:32:21 CST


Thanks a lot for the replying.


I have concatenated 3 disks to a RAID5 through SDS 4.2. The metatool
shows the increased disk space, however when i check through df -k
the the file system space is same as it was prior to expanding the
file system.
I am sure the growfs command ran successfully and configuration log
didn't show any error.

Exact Solution by Seth Rothenberg

growfs is a safe command. You can always run it again. Use the correct
growfs -M mountpoint <rawdevice>
Also, I think the output of growfs can tell you whether it is filling out as
many cylinders as are available on the raw device.
(I think the first lines advise you how big the device will be)

Thanks again
Sudhir Sama
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