Summary: Re: CLOSE_WAIT state malfunctions]

From: Bill Casti, CQA (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 21:59:06 CST

Thanks to:
        Stuart Whitby
        Alan Hill
        Thomas Wardman
        Wyman Eric Miles
        David Yarashus (a rather condescending message)

All complained (as have I) about still using 2.5.1, suggested making sure
the patches were up-to-date and racheting down the tcp_close_wait_interval.

I'm not entirely certain yet whether the OS or the app is causing the
problem--or a combination of the two--but your responses give me some new
areas for the techs to look at. I'm in of adequately exploring all
possible problem areas, not just dismissing some out of hand because "it
couldn't be that".


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