SUMMARY: Secure File Deletion

From: Rick Reineman (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 16:22:54 CST

Thanks to Jeff Schave, Jed Dobson and David Foster for replying.

I've received enough replies thusfar to summarize. The following are

Secure Delete -

FWipe -


Wipe -

I had trouble getting Wipe and SRM to compile using Suns compilers. Most of
the wipe utilities referred back to or used parts of Secure Delete anyway.
That did compile OK so I'll probably use that.

Other interesting things that surfaced:

Check for Peter
Gutmann's article on "Secure Deletion of Data from Magnetic and Solid-State

Take a look into the TCT toolkit specifically the unrm/lazarus tools to
verify deletion of files.

FAQ on how to use unrm and lazarus:

TCT home:

Misc comment - I was concerned about not complying with the (sun managers)
lists charter. This wasn't exactly an emergency right now, and I did not
research at all. But I did know that there would be people on the list who
knew the answer, quickly. Sure enough I received good answers very quickly.
This saved me a lot of time and will provide a useful tool (as summary) back
to the list. Also, I contribute regularly, hardly ever ask a question and
this wasn't exactly a RTFM problem.


> I need a commercialy available utility that does something like a secure
> delete. We have the occasional situation where someone puts sensitive data in
> the wrong place. On a single disk filesystem it's not to bad, offline it and
> format. On a very large volume this is not realistic.
> We are using the Veritas Filesystem (and Volume Manager) on some servers,
> this may or may not complicate matters. We are also using the standard
> Solaris UFS and in some cases Disk Suite.
> I am particularly interested in a commercial solution because it is typically
> easier to get blessed by our security people. Although I wouldn't mind
> taking a look at something that's homegrown also.
> Thanks,
> Rick
Rick Reineman UNIX Systems Management
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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