Summary: NEW TO SUN

From: Tony Brown (
Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 10:33:48 CST

Hello managers,

Thanks for the introduction to the list and for very speedy answers.

To summarize:

1. How can one view a system log in Solaris 7? (similar to AIX's errpt).

/var/adm/messages seems to be the consensus.

2. On one of the machines that I maintain, rsh is being called via
scripts. Because of this, the former admin missed the password expiration
notices for root. The root password has expired. Is there anyway around
this ( the actual machine is remote - so I cant pop the solaris cd in
without traveling across country), short of a crack/hack?

I had to walk a person at the remote location through rebooting with the
installation CD in. We have since removed the password expiration off of
all root accounts.

Tony Brown

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