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Date: Wed Dec 27 2000 - 07:38:18 CST

This answer came from Andrew Caines: and is very good

Thank You Andrew

It should be %s for a single file or %l for a list of files. %h usually
represents a host.

Since you're running Navigator on Solaris, you can also use the Acrobat
PDF plugin. Simply do the following:

1. Copy the plugin /opt/Acrobat4/Browsers/sparcsolaris/ to the
   netscape plugins directory, eg. /opt/Navigator/plugins/

2. Start Navigator, choose Edit | Preferences | Navigator | Application,
   scroll down to "Portable Document Format", click "Edit", select the
   "Plug In:" radio button which should have "" as the only item
   in the drop-down list.

3. Click "Ok" on both windows.

4. Enter "about:plugins" in the Location: text area. The page you see
   should include something much like this:

File name: /usr/local/netscape/navigator/plugins/
Mime Type Description Suffixes Enabled
application/pdf Portable Document Format pdf Yes

In you summary to the list you may want to mention that the mime type is

application/pdf pdf

and that the mailcap entry for using the Acrobat reader and the Navigator
plugin is

application/pdf;acroread %s 2>/dev/null;



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