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Date: Tue Dec 26 2000 - 14:58:59 CST


Thanks to everybody who responded. Here is the summary for the clustering
thread. I still haven't reached any conclusion and meanwhile have also been
approached by Legato to evaluate their product for clustering. Please mail
your opinions if you have used Legato's clustering solution.


Brooke King
I only have experience with Veritas Cluster Server, but all people I know
have experience with both Sun Cluster and Veritas prefer Veritas. That's
hearsay, but that's what I hear.

That aside, if you haven't bought your hardware, yet, you might want to
consider Reliant Cluster Server on Fujitsu SPARC hardware ( for
contact info, but otherwise a clunky site with little depth into the
and software line when last I checked). Fujitsu naturally ranks its RCS
VCS and then Sun's solution, but it is worth a look. Fujitsu says RCS would
work on Sun's hardware, but they cannot support that for contractual
with Sun.



Thomas Vincent
We have implemented Sun Cluster with Sims 4.0. It seems to be working
pretty well so far. Or at least I haven't heard of any problems. It has
been up a couple of weeks. From everything I have heard from people, Sun
has finally got it right this time.
Pesach Goldman
Hi. I have experience with both Sun Cluster 2.2 and with Veritas cluster.
The SC2.2 was not to stable and needed lots of administration. It also
doesn't have a GUI interface for configuration. The Veritas Cluster's
problem is that after part of it crashes the state is faulted and needs
admin intervention. The veritas cluster also starts at boot which some
people think is good and some don't. Sun cluster 3.0, on the other hand,
knows to support multiple nodes that use the same file system at the same
time. If you have any more questions please feel free to contact me. Yours,
Pesach Goldman DB@NET Ltd.
Seth Rothenberg
We have had a good experience with Veritas Cluster Server. The nice thing
with VCS (and any non-Sun solution) is that you are not strictly bound to
one exact configuration. With Sun solution, that "permitted configuration"
is very narrow. The advantage with Sun is, you have one number to call and
one organization to blame when something does not work. Notice, I did write
_when_. Of course, forums like Sun-managers can sometimes provide answers
faster than Sun. There is a vcs group. I can look for the address if you
need it. Seth
Matteson, Ryan
We use Sun Cluster at Bellsouth. I actually like VCS a whole lot better.
Easier to manage, more on-the-fly configuration options available ( You can
add more nodes on the fly). - Ryan
Marco Greene
>From a supported hardware point of view, VCS is the better product. It can
also run on NT, HP-UX and soon AIX. This will be beneficial if you have
clusters on several different platforms as the clustering will be done in
the same way on each of these platforms. The thing that I like better about
Sun Cluster is the way the "Split Brain" condition is handled. VCS can't do
this because of the cross-platform feature. All in all...they are both good
Andy Holmes
You don't state what you are clustering, so don't discount RSF-1
( Sun cluster is expensive and version 3 is
coming out about now, so it's a new product (!!!). Also lead times are
large and supported environments seem limited.... at least from my
experience. Veritas cluster you either love or hate, it can be quite
configurable (hacky?) and a lot of my colleagues love it, wider supportable
base and cheaper. RSF-1 is very cheap and chearful and does exactly what it
says on the packet.... a large customer base, proactive support etc.....
guess which one I like the best ???
Andy Holmes Senior Unix Consultant EXODUS Internet.

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