SUMMARY (Not): Tape-Change Prompt in rsh'd ufsdump

From: Evans, Tim (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 08:01:11 CST

Earlier, I wrote:

>When running 'ufsdump' of a remote system via 'rsh' to local tape drive,
>end-of-tape causes the dump to abort, pretty much immediately after the
operator prompt to
>insert a new tape appears. Using the '-n' argument to 'rsh' doesn't help.

I had two replies, from Paul Hedgepeth [] and Roberto
Wagner []; thanks.

Both replies, however, made it clear I had not properly described my

We are backing up remote sites (i.e., in other cities), where there is no
one to handle tapes or even enter commands at the console. We've scripted a
series of rsh'd ufsdumps, issued from a single tape host, and our operators
simply run the scripts.

As both Paul and Roberto pointed out, running the ufsdumps from the clients
via remote login would properly handle end-of-tape situations. However,
we'd like not to have the operators doing remote logins to the backup
clients; hence the need to do this via a script. Unfortunately, the scripts
fail at end-of-tape, as described above. Further suggestions welcome.

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