SUMMARY:Issues with Net App Filers

From: R. Marc Baldus (
Date: Fri Dec 22 2000 - 07:12:17 CST

First, a thanks to the availability of this group. Second, a sincere
thanks to all those who replied to my question.

The original question was as follows:

We have an E3500 2X400Mhz 1Gb RAM Solaris 2.6 file server on a Xiotech
Magnitude disk array. We are considering replacing the E3500 with a Net

App Filer F760. Has anyone had any experience with Net App Filers? And

if so, can you tell me both the good and bad experiences you have had.


I was overwhelmed with by the number of VERY satisfied customers of Net
App. Most everyone had nothing but good to say. Some quotes:

`I have had nothing but good experiences with Net Apps.' - Jeff P.
'(T)he experience has been great.' - Nabeel A.
`(W)e have many of them and we love them.' - Roger L.

Other's who were kind enough to respond were:

Theodore T.
Steve M.
George S.
John P.
Matt R.
Wolf S.
Clifford T.
Pat T.
Bertrand H.
Chris C.
Brian H.
Omar S.
Richard B.

Thanks again and happy holidays!
Marc Baldus

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