SUMMARY:DiskSuite 4.2

From: Juan Carlos Botero (
Date: Thu Dec 21 2000 - 09:34:48 CST

Thank you to all that responded:
Alonso M
Pierre D
Manish O
Douglas L
Mike A
George M
Gene B
Chris G
Seth R
John M
Sam C
Mark A

The general conssesus was to unmount the partition reserved for MetaDB,
removed from /etc/vfstab and change the flag from wm to wu. This resolved my

Original Question:
>Hello managers
>I am trying to install DiskSuite 4.2. I had no problems with the
>installation; also, I created a partition "c0t0d0s3 20M /mdb" to create
>the metadevice. However, when I try to create the MetaDB with the partition
>/mdb I get the error:
>"Your replica specificationis invalid for the following reason: slice
>"c0t0d0s3" is not available for use as a database replica."
>Does anyone have any ideas?
>Thank you for your assistance.

Juan Carlos Botero
QOS Labs

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