Summary: DHCP: server on solaris client on linux

From: Gerard Henry (
Date: Wed Dec 20 2000 - 09:01:17 CST

Gerard Henry wrote:

> i want to configure linux boxes with dhcp.
> It works for ip adress, router but not for NIS domain and server!

thanks to:

in summary, there is no problem with sun dhcp, it's only client

the linux box uses a dhcp package who stores info on a file, but the
system seems to not use it. I have to write a script to extract info
from file and run ypbind with it

> and sun talks about client macros like SUNW.Ultra-1, is there an
> equivalent for a pc or x termilal?

dave miner says:
>There aren't for most Windows releases, though Win2K might make some use
>of vendor extensions. I don't run it so I can't tell you. As far as I
>know most X-terms use the older BOOTP protocol, which DHCP can serve,
>but it doesn't provide any ability to do vendor extensions. You'd have
>to check with your Xterm vendor to be sure.

Again thanks to all,

Gerard Henry
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