Summary: New 4500 installation

From: Mark Gosselin (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 12:41:07 CST

Thanks to the followinf people who responded to my plea for help:

Fredrik Robertsson
Sam Chang
David Harrington
Samir Sethi
Kevin Reichart
Andy Lee
Scott Kulp
Bill Fay
Jill Ridsdale

For the most part, everyone suggested checking devaliases, and sure enough,
that was my
problem. Once diskbrd and disk were re-aliased to the right device, the
machine came right up.

Once again, this list has saved my life!!!

Mark Gosselin
NetScout Systems

Original Posting:

> Hi List,

> I just fired up a new E4500, with a disk board holding (2) 18GB disks. I
> was able
> to install the OS on one of those disk, and format sees both disks.
> However, when
> I attempt to boot from one of the disks, I get a message "Can't open boot
> device".
> printenv shows that the boot-device is set to "diskbrd disk", but at
> time, the
> boot device shows up as "...". I also get "Can't open boot device" when I
> try to
> boot diskbrd or when I try to use the device file....
> Any ideas???

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