SUMMARY:remote ufsdump

From: Dave Parker (
Date: Tue Dec 19 2000 - 09:57:55 CST

Thank you to all who helped me out. I received lots of good suggestions!
The solution was that the tape host was identifing other machines as and not, I made some adjustments in the
nsswitch.conf file and everything works fine.

Dave Parker

Here are just a few of the replies I received:

-You might try logging in from the 2.6 to the 2.7 machine and doing a
"who" to check what name the 2.7 machine is seeing for it.

-Log in to the machine that you want to dump FROM as the user ID (root?)
that you want to use to do the dump. Then, rlogin to the remote machine,
and answer the Password: prompt. Once in to the remote machine, type
who -m" and note the exact machine name that is returned in the ()'s
("root pts/1 Dec 18 11:30 ("). If it says
"" then "" needs to be in the
.rhosts file. If it says "machine", then machine needs to be in the
.rhosts file.

- Are you running DNS? You may need to specify the FQDN of the client
in the .rhosts on the tape host. Ping your client from your tape host
to see what name is returned on the ping. E.g.

    ping backuphost
    may return is alive

- try on the dumped host:
    rsh dumphost date
    anf fix /.rhosts until it works
    check tape write protection
    use snoop

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