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As always thanks to the people who replied. I should also apologise because
one of them (indirectly) mentioned the Sun doc site itself, and I must admit
that I didn't even think of checking there! :-) Sorry.

Anyway, thanks to: John Malick <>

  who suggested:

and Kevin Amorin <>. I'll include all of Kevin's answer since
it is not too long, and a 'summary' by me may not be enough for people who
do want to pursue WBEM. For ourselves we do not need it, so I have removed
the relevant packages.

He wrote:

SUNWwbapi Solaris WBEM API
SUNWwbcor Solaris WBEM Services (root)
SUNWwbcou Solaris WBEM Services (usr)

WBEM is an distributed object model. From what I know it's cutting edge
devel object passing, not many people support it.

"The init.wbem utility is run automatically during installation and each
time the system is rebooted. This utility starts the CIM Boot Manager,
cimomboot, a process that listens for connection requests from WBEM clients.
When a client requests a connection, the cimomboot program starts the Common
Information Model (CIM) Object Manager. Generally, you do not need to stop
the CIM Object Manager. However, if you change an existing provider, you
must stop and restart the CIM Object Manager before using the udpated


"About WBEM

Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) is an industry-wide initiative that
includes standards for web-based management of systems, networks, and
devices on multiple platforms. This standardization enables system
administrators to manage desktops, devices, and networks.

WBEM is designed to be compatible with all major existing management
protocols, including Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Distributed
Management Interface (DMI), and Common Management Information Protocol

WBEM encompasses the following standards:

     Common Information Model (CIM) - Information model for describing
      managed resources.

     Managed Object Format (MOF) - Language for defining CIM classes and

     eXtensible Markup Language (XML) - Markup language for describing
     managed resources on the web."


That's it,


My original question was:

On 14-Dec-00 at 14:47:34 John Horne wrote:
> I've just installed Solaris 8 (10/00) onto a system, and was wondering
> what the 'cimomboot' process is, which seems to be started from the
> '/etc/init.d/init.wbem' startup script. I've stopped the process with
> seemingly no dire effects :-) However, if it is something we don't need
> then I'd rather uninstall it - generally we install everything (full
> installation and OEM support) from the installation CD's. Can anyone tell
> me what the process/package (SUNWwbcou) is used for?

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