Summary: Current Statistics Regarding Solaris Vs. NT

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Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 17:07:51 CST

Thanks for all the responses
For completeness sake I should have included linux....

Sun also has several articles relating to the issue at hand....

if anyone has anything intesesting please let me know....I will be working
to get more
information regarding this matter...

richard sullivan

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For webservers:

For Operating Systems (I think surveyed only in Europe, and the site seems
be down for me currently):

"Sullivan, Richard" wrote:
> Does anyone here have current statistics regarding the usage of Solaris vs
> NT in the world. Things like percentages of webservers on Sun/Solaris vs.
> nt, database servers and things of that nature. I am trying to put
> a report and would appreciate any feed back that one can provide.
> thanx,
> richard sullivan
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