SUMMARY: Adding disks to Ultra 250

From: Rodney Wines (
Date: Fri Dec 15 2000 - 11:10:51 CST

I got quite a few replies to this one, and thanks to all of you. The most
imaginative was from Scott Kulp, "... one box with 6 or 12 drive slots,
drives, and a cable and a pack of gum ... " He wasn't too far off.

I got one response from a VAR, and he told me I'd get free installation if I
bought the upgrade from him. I'm VERY tempted to take him up on that. I'm
sure his tech support person would enjoy a trip to Paris ...

The system comes standard with 1 controller and 2 SCSI buses, one internal
and one external. Kevin Amorin sent the 250 URL:

So, I can add one internal drive, and/or a StorEdge MultiPack with up to 6
external drives, without buying another controller. Of course, this could
lead to performance issues. However, this system is used as a web
development platform, and no production work is (in theory) being done there,
so performance shouldn't be a problem.

Management decided to go the cheap route and add another internal drive.

----- Original Question -----

> I've got an Ultra 250 pedestal running Solaris 2.6 that I'd like to add
> disks to. There are already 5 internal disks. As I understand it from Sun
> Express, I can add one more internal drive, and then I've got to add an
> external multipack.
> My question is, how much extra hardware must I buy to add this multipack?
> I need another SCSI controller? Can I add another controller (there is only
> one in the system).

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