SUMMARY: Can a Sun 4500 box boot off FC-AL linked to EMC Symmetrix

From: mohammed zia (
Date: Thu Dec 14 2000 - 14:46:56 CST

Sorry for this late a Summary.
Thanks to all those that responeded, I will try to include all the names.

Basically it comes down to a Support issue. Sun will most probably not
support this officially. EMC may help you get the job done. It may be
technically feasible. But management will not take the risk of using
unsupported methods and dealing with potential problems on a 24X6 system.

Thanks go out to (in no specific order):

Josh Wyatt
Grant Lowe
Jed Dobson
Marc Johnson
Darren Dunham
Don Cary Grant
Douglas Lee
Derrick Daugherty
Steve Hastings
Guy Smallwood

Thanks again,
Mohammed Zia
Unix Systems Admin
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