[SUMMARY] transferring ID's from one server to another

From: Perkins, Frank A. (fperkins@kraft.com)
Date: Wed Dec 13 2000 - 14:13:24 CST

Thanks for the all the responses.

Basically, all I have to do is copy over the:

files. However, in my case, I don't need to recopy over the root/admin etc
ids. Ill just copy over the id's and groups that I need. Also making sure
that there are no dupes.


> We need to swap IP's for two of our SUN boxes running version 2.6
> Swapping the ip's wont be too much of a hassle, but we need
> to migrate the users and groups from one server to the other.
> What's the best way to do this? Anyone have any experience
> on migrating user id's and groups from one server to another.
> Just for further clarification, here is what we need done:
> [ We already have the data copied ]
> We need to recreate user accounts on server a onto server b.
> Ideally, somehow migrating their existing password
> Create the groups that exist on server a onto server b
> Ideally, perserving the group permissions to the ID.

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