Summary : Looking for way to separate mail users from others

From: Mohammed Alshammari (
Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 19:04:49 CST

Sorry for multiple post but i forget to add Summary in the subject line


Thanks for all the replays I've receive .

Some of the responds that I've get suggest that I implement Netscape
mail server but the best thing I receive and i'm gonna implement is
Cyrus IMAP server , it was suggested
by Tim Chipman .

Thanks all

My Original post :

Folks ,

Some of my users are email only users on Solaris box , I use /ect/passwd
to manage users account and give them /bin/false as shell . They access
the server using pop clients .
My problem is : the number of users be come large and some of them using
very week passwords , this a security hassle and I don't like . I'd wont
to get rid of mail only users nad remove them from /etc/passwd and put
them somewhere else as a security measure so If the users have a weak
password it'll only effect their mail access and the weakness couldn't
be exploited to gain access to the server, so is there any way to
separate the email users from others ?, dose IMAP help with that ? Is
there any tool will help me ?


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