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Date: Tue Dec 12 2000 - 18:31:23 CST

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>I searched the archives at and
>at to no avail. I have also tried to
>query SunSolve and came up dry.
>We have a pair of new e4500 servers we intend to run as database
>servers. Temporarily we want to use T3 storage for our first
>database implementation. The e4500 servers have no disk boards
>and no storage other than the T3.
>I configured a T3 with an 8 disk mirror and a standby disk.
>I jumpstarted one of the servers with Solaris 8 10/2000. I added
>patches 109524-03 and 109460-03 to the e4500's installation. I
>was unable to find a good way to apply 109400-03. Luxadm claims
>to have found 0 applicable devices, but it does seem to notice
>the array.
>When the e4500 tries to boot, it fails.
>Perhaps my
>problem is that I have not tried a clever enough way to apply the
>109400-03 SBUS host adapter firmware patch. I have tried
>from the JumpStart MiniRoot, which I have also patched and to
>which I have added a writable /dev/es by putting in a symbolic
>link to /tmp/es, which I create before I try to flash the
>firmware. I have also tried by using chroot to execute from the
>server's own file systems. I have not tried causing /tmp/es to be
>created along with all other writable MiniRoot stuff.

Thanks to
Jonathan Katz <>
Tom <>
Luke Kanies <>
Charlie Giannetto <>

Apparently there is at least one Sun engineer who thinks this
cannot be done and another who recommends against it.

I successfully updated the T3's components' firmware, but that
did not help.

A detail I omitted from my original problem statement is that I
was using the JumpStart Architecture and Security Scripts from
Sun, authored by Alex Noordergraaf. I was using the minimal
configuration along with a few additions to make the server more
livable. When I had trouble with the patch to update the e4500's
firmware I decided to use a more complete installation, complete
plus OEM, in fact. After JumpStart, not only did the system boot
finally, but my scripts to finish automatic configuration of the
Veritas software that was installed during JumpStart worked
perfectly, too.

Thanks for the help!


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