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From: Sara SaiMohan (
Date: Mon Dec 11 2000 - 19:05:10 CST

Hello All,

I want to first applogize for not sending out this summary quite long
time... Hope everybody who was in need of this summary forgives me... :o)

ok here it goes first with my thanks to the following people.

Khalid, Shannon, M Price, David Evans, R.Lonstein, John D Groenveld, Bevan
Broun, Hashim Rais, Brinker, Fletcher, Masopust, Moti Levy, Gurunath, Paul
Teasdel, Mihalis, Seth, Mike Box.

-- Thank you all


The best support I got is at the following link it describes the Samba
Installation in detail. and

others recommend\samba\docs

You can get it prebuilt on Everyting else is in the
readmes & docs that come with the package.

If you cannot compile them yourself there are prebuilt binaries in pkg form
at the samba mirrors (for example,


My original question was :

I know this is out of way question... but does anybody have an idea where to find step by step installtion instructions for SAMBA for Solaris...

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