[SUMMARY]: Ultra 1/170E fails to power up with mains applied..

From: Ron Hahn (ron@kerry.com)
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 10:37:48 CST


Paul Wilkinson <Paul_Wilkinson@utsglobal.com> hits the nail on the head
with this one:

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This is a common problem, the power supply is not faulty, unplug the
system from the mains for 30 minutes or so and it'll most probably
work just fine.

I don't have my notes from having this happen with me just now but
it's got something to do with the power supply storing the state
WRT how the system was powered off. The keyboard power key method
seems to be the preferred route, I seem to recall this ensures the
right power down state is stored.

I still experience this problem periodically, despite updrading the
flash firmware, unexpected power outages are the usual cause as I
now take care to power down using the keyboard (type 5) power key.

I just disconnect it from the mains as described and they always (knock
on wood) come to life.

hope this helps,

---< cut here >---

I unplugged the unit for about 30 mins, plugged it back in, hit the keyboard
power switch, and, viola! Back in action again..

..also thanks to:

"Dirk Kuenstler" <dirk.kuenstler@db.com>
"" kathryn@deas.harvard.edu

Who also responded.



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