Summary: Cannot write to /var/adm/utmp

Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 07:53:52 CST

Thanks to all who replied:

David Evans
Damon Cassell
Tim Carlson
Mike Meredith
Okcha TeSelle
Alex Vinson
Blake Matheny
Pete Geenhuizen
Rolf Gartmann
Chawla Girish
Brian Scanlan

All the suggestions I recieved were in line with almost everything I tried.
Many suggested checking to make sure
/var was mounted (with read-write permissions). It was. It was not it's own
partition. Some suggested fsck'ing the
disk (did it 5 times). Some suggested a postpatch script solution.

What I ended up doing, was to upgrade the OS to Solaris 8. IT upgraded
flawlessly and the mahine was up and
running in under 2 hours......

Thanks All,


Original post:

Hi List,

I'm up against a good one here, I think. On reboot (after patching) I get
the message
cannot write to /var/adm/utmp
cannot write to /var/adm/utmpx

I've seen it before in the past, and each time it was as simple as booting
from CD and
running the "Upgrade" option. However, this time, the Upgrade option is
coming back saying
that the installation is not upgradable.

Anyone know how to get around this. It an Ultra5 running 2.7 and needs to
stay at 2.7. I'm reluctant
to do a new install as there is quite a bit of work required to get it back
to where it is now.

Any help will, as always, be most appreciated...

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