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Thanks everyone for the responses.


Here is the summary:

May I include the boot disk for solaris 7 or solaris 8
to a Solstice DiskSuite RAID 5 array? What is the
risk to lose the whole system?

It makes your system slow. AND, if you use RM6 to add disks to the array,
root partition will become read-only. It did to me.
Internal RAID0 or RAID0+1 are VASTLY superior in EVERY way.



You can only mirror the root disk as it needs the non metadisk to boot.
Striping, raid and concats will not be allowed.
Richard Cove


No - You get a chicken/egg situation where the OS cant come up until the
manager s/w is up, which cant come up until the OS is up.


No. The boot prom can't read a RAID 5 (or any) metadevice to boot from
it. The boot filesystem (and /usr) must be simple concat devices.
After root and /usr mount, then disksuite can run and mount other
metadevice volumes.

Darren Dunham


Don't! Only have the boot disk in a mirror.

It makes recovery a lot easier without having rebuild the system.

An example setup would be....

Disk 1: /
Disk 2: Mirror of /
Disk 3: /opt + swap
Disk 4: Mirror of /opt + swap
Disks 5-15: RAID 5 data.



No. When you put your boot disk under DiskSuite or Volume Manager, that disk
have to be kept apart from any RAID configuration (except RAID 1). The
reason is that you always have to be able to boot from partitions. If you
have a problem and you have to boot from CD, if / is under RAID 5 you can?t
mount that partition: the drivers are not in the CD.

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