SUMMARY:Mixed CPUs in Sun E450

From: ltchin (
Date: Wed Dec 06 2000 - 03:00:23 CST

Sorry for the late summary as i just got to do the CPU testing on
customer's site. Actually, the problem was due to customer's application
shutting down very, very slow ( takes about 5 minutes) which i could
monitor from command line shutdown. If shutdown from CDE, it would went
into blank screen and the OK prompt only appeared after the application
have shutdown properly.

Special thanks to :

Kulp Scott
Matthew Stier
Jan M. Stankovsky
Bill Armand

for their suggestions.

Original question ;

> Unix Gurus,
> Machine : Sun E450
> O/S : Solaris 2.6
> OBP : 3.16
> CPU Configuration :
> Sun 400Mhz UltraSparc P/N : 501-5446-03 1 each
> P/N : 501-5445-03 1
> each
> P/N : 501-5500-03 2
> each
> Problem : When i issue the command init, shutdown or halt to power
> the machine, the console screen is black and it doesn't go to the OK
> prompt. Telnet to the machine is unsuccessful. Presumed the machine
> shutdown properly. But when boot-up again, fsck was done on the
> hard disk. Then i plug-out all the CPUs and tried one different CPU
> only on the Sun E450 and the boot-up and shutdown to OK prompt
> process was working fine too. I even tried to rotate the different
> into different slot and the problem still persist. Conclusion is that
> when i mixed the CPUs, issuing the command init, shutdown or halt to
> power down the machine doesn't go to the OK prompt. Someone suggested
> upgrade the OBP patch but i found out that the latest OBP is already
> installed on Sun E450.
> Queries : Has anyone out there encountered this problem before? Or any

> patches needed?

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