Summary : Problem with cron

From: Gurunath Agaram Ramarao (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 21:36:57 CST

Hi Managers,

Summary of the problem: The permissions of the FIFO file in
/var/adm/cron was altered and the cron job started to work.

Sincere Thanks to the people who spent their precious time in trying to
guide me.
My apologies to the sun managers group for posting a HP Query.

Hope I troubled a lot of guys out there who wished not to see a HP Query
on the Sun group.Sorry again..!!!

This Perticular clarification from ;
 "SUKUMAR,RAJA (Non-HP-Belgium,ex1)" < helped me
a lot

Can you check the following...

Verify that you actually have a /var/adm/cron/FIFO file.

If this file is absent, you can make the pipe by running:

mknod /var/adm/cron/FIFO p

Don't forget to include the p argument at the end.

You should also verify the presence of a valid cron directories:.

/usr/lib/cron; and

Thanks Sun Managers,

My original post :

Dear Unix Peolple,

I am running into some problems while executing cron for a user who has
been granted permissions to do so.

I have edited the file /var/adm/cron/cron.allow and have populated the
required user (oracle) in the file.

The message I get when I try to execute crontab -e user ( After I log on
to the system as oracle ) is as folows :]

"cannot access fifo queue Tue Dec 5 14:42:59 IST 2000
**********CRON ABORTED **************** Tue Dec 5 14:42:59 IST 2000

The following might be of some help : Oracle installed on HPUX 11.0

What am I missing ?

Expert comments regarding the same will be summarised with out fail.


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