SUMMARY: E220R Installation problem

From: Siddarth Jain (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 17:21:46 CST


Thanks everyone for the responses.
Here is the summary:-



I am trying to install Solaris 5.7 on a Sun E220R (UltraSparc 450 with 2 GB
RAM and one SCSI disk). The installation aborts and the system comes to the
OK prompt with the following error :-

"Fast Data Access MMU Miss"

Please help with this.

ALso what extra debugging ingormation like CPU register info. or state is
required to debug this problem?



you didn't say what rev Solaris 7 you are using. You may need the latest
build, 11/99. Check your Sun FE manual for compatibility.


use the 12/99 CD


Did you remember to first boot off of the "Operating Environment CD"
that was packed with the E220?


You need to boot first from the Environment CD that came with
the machine, not the normal Solaris 7 CD.


Found this with a quick Google search.


Which Solaris 7? You probably need at least 5/99 for the required
hardware support.

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