SUMMARY - Ultra 5 : System is being suspended

From: Sue Thielen (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 14:34:52 CST

Well, it looks like the one Ultra 5 was busted. After
most of it's insides were replaced, it started to stay
up. It wasn't actually getting suspended, but dieing
very quietly. New motherboard and RAM later, and she's
been solid ever since. The other Ultra has been fine
with no other tweaking ( that I can recal at this late
date )

Thanks to all that helped! And sorry it took so long
to get this summary out.


Original question

I have a couple Ultra 5's that have been behaving very
bizarrely. They seem to just running... THen I reboot
them and they seem OK. They are running Solaris 7.
I noticed this message on the console today

System is being suspended

I checked the power.conf file, and it looks like the machine
is setup for noshutdown.

# Auto-Shutdown Idle(min) Start/Finish(hh:mm) Behavior
autoshutdown 30 9:00 9:00 noshutdown
statefile //.CPR

What else should I check?? This is getting really annoying!


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