SUMMARY: Netscape 4.73 woes

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Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 10:42:32 CST


This was my original post:

>We run Netscape 4.73 on 40 Ultra 10s with Solaris 2.5.1. Lately, when I
>click on something, the link becomes red, but nothing happens. Netscape
>becomes lifeless. The only way to get it back is to kill and restart. And I
>keep getting the message "Bookmarks have > changed. Being reloaded". The
>date on the systems is fine.
>Please help because Netscape is extensively used at our site!

It's amazing how many people requested summaries, saying they've had these
very problems for years.

Thanks to the following for pointers:

Fletcher, Joe Mike Salehi
Ric Anderson Jerry Kemp
Todd Herr Bill Fenwick
Sandy Gordon Yann Duplaix
Andy Lee Karl Vogel

These were the suggestions:

| First, I'd upgrade to 4.75. Second, rename the main netscape binary

Did that.

| and replace it with the following:
| #!/bin/sh
| /bin/truss -f -o /tmp/netscape$$ /path/to/original/netscape
| Run Netscape as usual, then kill it and have a look at
| /tmp/netscape* to see where it's hanging up.

We were having other problems on the network. Fixing those fixed the
netscape problem.

| I have seen this before on several of my systems. Typically, what
| has
| happened is one netscape process was shut down or crashed. Although
| all of the netscape windows disappeared, there was still a netscape
| process running in the background which would not die. When a new
| netscape process is started, I start getting similar messages like
| yours
| i.e. "Bookmarks have changed. Being reloaded".
| One way I have found to recover is to shut down any current netscape
| processes, ps -ef | grep netscape, and kill any still running
| netscape processes and remove the lock file from my .netscape
| directory.
| Do you have shared NFS home directories , do you have another
| netscape
| running on another macher

This was indeed a problem. The only strange thing is that 'kill -9' on
netscape doesn't work. Even as root....

| You can get 4.75 from

| I do not think its netscape, there must be a problem with your home
| directories. For some reason either they are modified by a program
| or maybe temporarily network connections are lost.

There are other automounting issues we were having..

| Has anyone flushed the cache recently? I've found that lots of stuff
| lying
| around the Netscape cache directory tends to louse things up a bit.
| rm -rf ~cache works a treat.

Thanks a lot!

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