SUMMARY: Solaris 8, adminsuite

From: Grant Schoep (
Date: Tue Dec 05 2000 - 09:21:04 CST

Adminsuite is no longer included with the OS in Solaris 8. In Solaris 7 and
before, it was always on the Server version of the OS pack. Beginning with
Solaris 8, Adminsuite was separated into another product. So instead of a
workstation and server version, there is just version of Solaris 8, and
other product with the Admin software on.

You can download the admin software at:

Note: it comes as a shar file, (self extracting archive). Just set the
thing to executable and run it.

Thanks goes to the following for helping me out:
Ericka Fowler
Charles Gagnon
Sean Quaint
John Malick
Terje Hanssen
Brett Anthony Hulman
Jim Turner
Noah Alvarez Jr.(extra thanks for the html address and explanation of what
a shar file was)

--original question---
Where has Adminsuite gone in Solaris 8?

I know on Solaris 2.6 I used the Server version of Solaris and installed it
and it seemed to contain Adminsuite. But now when I installed Solaris 8, I
don't see adminsuite anymore.

It doesn't appear to have 2 different versions of Solaris now, just one.

So, where/how can I add adminsuite on my new 2.8 server so I can run
solstice? Basically, the reason I don't think it installed Adminsuite is
because when I start Solstice I get the following message.

"...unable to locate registry. Check to see if Adminsuite is installed."
Grant Schoep,
Software Developer
L3 Com - Storm Control System
Basingstoke, UK

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