SUMMARY: JNI FC Drivers for Tape and Disk

From: Caparrosso, Nelson T. (AAS) (
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 13:35:00 CST

The original question is whether it is possible to have JNI configurations
in a mixed topology (fcaw.conf configuration that handles both fabric and
point-to-point). The idea is to have a disk subsystem attach to a server
point-to-point AND a tape-area-network is attached via fabric. Many of you
thought this is not possible and some have thoughts. An actual check with
JNI confirms that indeed it is possible with a suggestion that the EzFibre
utility is the best way to do this...

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> List:
> We are planning to utilize JNI (FC64-1063) SBus FC adapters to connect a
> HDS FC Array Storage (point to point) and a Tape Area Network (fabric via
> a Brocade Switch). I'd like to know if anyone in the list has a similar
> setup and what JNI drivers should I use? As described, there will be
> separate JNI cards for the point to point connection to the HDS disk
> storage and separate JNI cards for the Tape connection (via fabric on a
> Brocade)..
> Any experiences, tips and warnings will be apreciated.
> Thanks.
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