[SUMMARY]: APC Share-UPS + Solaris

From: Ron Hahn (ron@kerry.com)
Date: Mon Dec 04 2000 - 10:04:28 CST


Many good responses to this post, the most suitable from "Andrew Petrov"
<andreyp@nnov.impexbank.ru> who said:

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You need PowerChute software for Solaris.
I took it in my head office, but I don't know where
they found it. You should try this link
It's about APC cables .


Andrew Petrov.
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This fellow has a daemon process, written in fairly generic 'C', that should
do the trick on just about any Un*x platform, including Solaris. The author
also includes instructions on how to roll your own cables as well.

Also, thanks are due to:

"Tom Jones" <tjones@statesman.com>
"Marcelino Mata" <mmata@multiinc.com>

For their input as well.

I also note that the Linux "UPS How To" at redhat.com has some interesting
suggestions for cabling and software alternatives, although with a definite
Linux slant..



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