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From: MURAT BAYRAKCI (IT-TPL-ANK) (murat.bayrakci@turkcell.com.tr)
Date: Sat Dec 02 2000 - 10:55:41 CST

Hi all,

Here is the summary regarding my problem with my display adaptor. As a
result I can say that in such a case you have 2 options:
1- download Xfree86 from its ftp side and give it a try,
else- buy Xaccelerator from XIG and thats it..

Thanks to all who replied , and here is what they wrote...

My original question was:

        Hello all,

        I 've been trying to install Solaris 8 X86 on my Compaq Armada E500.
My problem is with my Display Adaptor..
It is ATI RAGE MOBILITY -P AGP ( 8 Mbyte ) and couldn't get solaris pass
the VGA test during installation process unless I accept
standard VGA. Just wandering if there are any kind of driver or something
like that
to be able make kdmadmin recognise this adaptor ?

I'll certainly summarise.

Thanks in advance..

Philip Wagstrom wrote:
        Solaris x86's Xserver doesn't support that video chipset. Your best
bet is probably using XFree86 4.0.1 I've got the same chipset on one of my
personal laptops and this Xserver works great.
        Of course XIG makes the Xserver that works great too!

Handrik Visage wrote:
Your options most probably are:
1) Pay Sun to develop the X driver :(
2) Pay for the xserver from www.xig.com
3) try the XFree86 verion from www.xfree86.com

Eberhard Shruefer wrote:
The X server from XIG with the appropriate patches should work. I use this
X server on a Gateway notebook with the ATI RAGE MOBILITY P and it works

CAsper Dik wrote:

No, probably not (I have the same adaptor in my VAIO, I think).

Download the Xree86 from www.xfree86.org or mirrors and install that
as your X server.


Howard R Lim wrote:

I've been using the "Laptop Accelerated X Display Server" from Xi Graphics
(http://www.xig.com) for an IBM laptop (which apparently has the
same/similar graphics chipset as your Armada). The version that they are
currently shipping doesn't quite support my chipset, but combined with the
patches available for download on their site, it works quite nicely.

Another bit of trivia that you may be interested in is the Appian Traveler
(see review at http://cgi.zdnet.com/slink?65669:5968639); I don't have one
yet ....

Sean Walmsley wrote:
I believe that Solaris no longer supports laptop screens
natively. You need to buy a third party Xserver that supports
the screen. Look at:


I must point out that I haven't actually tried their product yet,
but they do offer a trial version (time limited) that you could try.

Please let me know if this works for you. We've got a number of
E500's on order and are hoping that this solution can keep us
from having to install some form of Windows. I have contacte
the vendor and they say that the E500 "should work" as they
support the chipset, however they have not certified the E500 yet.


You have to install Solaris using the default vga screen
and then add the Xserver that I mentioned in my previous
mail from Solaris.

Good luck,


and Spert Jona:
I had the same problem when I tried to put Solaris 2.7 and 8 on my Dell CPX
with the same series of
display adaptor....I tried almost everything. I gave up and put Red Hat
Linux on it and have been very happy.

 <<...>> Murat Bayrakci
System Administrator
IT / Operations - Ankara TPL

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