[sunmanagers] Summary: FTP fails with tcsh as default shell

From: Mike Box (mbox@cleopas.stat.vt.edu)
Date: Fri Dec 01 2000 - 14:45:04 CST

Add the /usr/local/bin/tcsh shell to the /etc/shells file.

There is a special file called /etc/shells to address this problem. FTP
by default tries to be more secure by only allowing known shells to ftp
in. If /etc/shells doesn't exist, the system defaults to only allowing the
standard, local shells. If it does exist, it will only allow the users
with the shells listed to FTP. A gotcha: once you create /etc/shells, make
sure ALL shells are in there (one per line). If you create it and only put
in /usr/local/bin/tcsh, then only the users with tcsh will be able to ftp in.

Thanks for the many prompt responses from:
    John Leadeham
    Pranav Vakil
    Dan L. Ostrom
    Heiko Maiwald
    Allan West
    Bill Bradford
    Cassell, Damon
    Dave Paper
    Mike D. Kail
    Sanjiv K. Bhatia
    Leonard, Roger
    Gary Jenson
    Brian Hostetler
    David Perel
    Charles Brian Hill
    Venkat Veeramneni
    Peter Gaspar
    Jeffrey Pyne
    Amit Mohan
    Sydney Weinstein
    Steve Weaver
    Charles Gagnon
    Tim Carlson
    Mark Luntzel
    Lawrence C Mc Abee
    Lee, Elizabeth
    Scott D. Yelich
    Philip A. Fitzpatrick
    Nikul Raval
    Chris Cariffe
    Psarras Nicholas
    Sherman, Mark
    Hubert Chu
    James Ford
    Renny Koshy
    Tim Conrad
    Christopher L. Barnard
    Paul Spence
    Paul LaMadeleine
    Josh Wyatt
    Derrick Daugherty
    Timothy Lorenc
    Ellen M. Woods
    Eddy Fafard
    David E. Schwarze
    David Staggs
    Markus Julen
    David Evans

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